1939-40 Cadillac with Factory Correct Finger Grips

1939 Buick, Factory Correct Translucent Casting

1964 Chrysler Translucent

1938 Dodge - Original wood replaced with new by JB Donaldson Co.


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1948 Delahaye 135M

From the famous Baillon Barn Find of 2015

This steering wheel incorporated 13 separate castings

JB Donaldson Co.

JB Donaldson recasts steering wheels using original cores and our 40 year collection of hundreds of molds.  We can create a mold for you if your steering wheel is not already in our library.

We use a flexible material that is color safe from UV exposure and resistant to cracking during expansion and contraction from heat and cold.

We can match any color to a sample as small as a paint chip, scrap of upholstery or radio knob.  We can achieve translucent colors and marbling.  We can also mimic fine details like finger grips and ridges in our castings.

The finish of our wheels is second to none - our process eliminates air bubbles and our wheel rims come polished to a shine.  We offer metal welding and polishing.